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Necesito un software parecido a MS-Project, aunque el que sea web se considera una ventaja.

Que quiero conseguir


Buscando en multiples sitios de software libre hemo encontrado los siguientes proyectos. Hemos descartados muchos por diversas razones (arbitrarias por supuesto): viejos, muy crudos, hechos en java, software forges, aun asi la lista es MUY larga y procuramos no perder el tiempo con ellos.

1. Endeavour Software Project Management : is a rich Web-based solution to manage the creation of large-scale enterprise systems in an iterative and incremental development process. It features support for Use Case management, iterations, project plan, change requests, defect tracking, test cases, tasks, document management, and many other process artifacts.

IntersanteDocumentos de casos de uso !!

2. OPT (Outreach Project Tool) : is a PHP general-purpose virtual commonplace for customers and developers to collaborate in developing projects. The system provides documents archive, e-mail archive, request tracker, task management, knowledge base, news administration, newsletter support, and a lot of other features (some project-based, some system-based). 

3. Project Management Software Cooper-2008 : Copper is a Web-based project management software tool designed to help creative teams manage clients, projects, tasks, files, budgets, and events. It has an HTML/AJAX front end. It is available with full source for a licence fee or as a SAAS hosted service (compatible with iPhone, but available via PC/Mac/Linux and a Web browser).

4. Complex Project Manager : is a project planing and management engine. It is designed to support real live project management that allows the user to manage many projects. It handles concurrencies for resources between projects and special days (such as official holidays, vacations, times for machine maintenance, and days with different working hours). It is not intented to be a project reporting tool.

5.  ]project-open[ is a Web-based project management system for companies with 2-200 employees in the consulting, engineering, advertising, and translation sectors. ]po[ helps you to run your business by covering the entire project life cycle from sales (CRM-light), staffing, execution (timesheet, controlling, incidents, discussions, and file storage) to invoicing and payment. The ]po[ architecture is designed for mission-critical applications with a rock-solid infrastructure and a sophisticated role-based permission system.

Usa GanttProject para manejo de tareas

6.  Project Foundry is a tool to create and maintain information used during the development of software projects. It is oriented towards the high level management of the projects, and aims to better integrate the usual tasks of management.

7. Cyberience Project Manager:  is a PHP/MySQL based project management application for user collaboration and productivity. The application includes tasks, milestones, time tracking, file uploads, bug tracking, a message board, invoice tracking and creation, checklists, multiple users.

8.  XPMT eXtreme Project Management Tool is a project to provide a Web-based project management tool using the principles of eXtreme Programming.

9. Open Project Services (OPS) is a project communication and collaboration platform. It ties together open standards for email, calendars, timesheets, contacts, documents, and more, with project information, using COTS clients and servers.

10. Onepoint Project is a project and portfolio management system with a strong angle on project monitoring and controlling. Single-user desktop versions and multi-user Web 2.0-based versions are available.

11. Ganttproject is a pure Java application thats lets you plan project using Gantt charts. It lets you easily breaks down a project into tasks, show dependencies, and manage resources. It uses a file format based on XML and can export into HTML and PDF documents using XSL transformations. The software is translated into 20 languages.

12.  Achievo is a Web-based project management and tracking tool for small- to medium-sized companies, aiming to become a fully featured ERP-like system in the future. Features include a time registration module, scheduler, project management, todo's, and several statistical tools. Achievo is multi-language, fully customizable, and uses a modular system to allow future extensions.

13.  NetOffice is an online project management application with team/client collaboration, user management, multiple access levels, tasks, projects, and time tracking, task change history, file approval tracking, notes, client project sites, CRM, and Gantt charts.

14. Projectory is a platform-independent, Web-enabled project management tool designed to track software projects through all phases of the development lifecycle. It tracks effort expended by developers across multiple teams, projects, and activities, and is suitable for small or large software development groups. Projectory provides accurate metrics of current development activity and lets you mine historical data to improve estimation on future projects.

15.  Streber is a wiki-based project management tool. Freelancers and small teams can easily use it to set up projects and keep track of tasks, milestones, issues, bugs, efforts, etc. Project user rights can be adjusted (e.g., to provide clients a limited view of the current project state).

16. Factory Nova is a project management program. It increases the effectiveness of your work and the happiness of your clients by making the workflow fully transparent to them. Factory Nova stores all the project information relative to each project, thus making it easily accessible from within a project. With Factory Nova, you can manage the tasks, discuss project ideas, create knowledge base articles, and work with the project's email (via POP3 email integration).

17.  Kiwi Manager is an online project management application. Its features include an AJAX interface, Gantt and PERT charts, progress and financial reports, earned value analysis of project performance, resource calendars, role based user access control, RSS syndication of project activities, project based file repositories with integrated approval and versioning systems, image thumbnail generation, video, Flash, and PDF previews, time tracking, project based forums and help desks, task calendars, and more.

18.  phpEasyProject is a project-based activity management and todo list tool. It consists of an activity manager for the individual project participants, project-oriented tasks that show the degree of completion, project administration with division on the project positions, and user management.

19. TUTOS (The Ultimate Team Organization Software) is a groupware, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and PLM (Project Lifecycle Management) suite that helps small to medium teams manage various things in one place. Its features include personal and group calendars, an address book, product and project management, bug tracking, installation management, a task list, notes, files, mailboxes, and useful links between all of the above.

20. DotProject is a Web-based project management framework that includes modules for companies, projects, tasks (with Gantt charts), forums, files, a calendar, contacts, tickets/helpdesk, multi-language support, user/module permissions, and themes. It is translated into 17 languages and has a modular design that allows extra modules (such as time sheets and inventory) to be added in easily. 

21. ClockingIT is a complete multi-user Web based project management solution with a focus on handling large amounts of tasks during software development. It features an unlimited number of projects and tasks, tagging, email notifications, RSS and iCal feeds, time tracking, file uploads, reports, forums, and issue tracking.

22.  Collabtive is Web-based project management software. It is an alternative to tools like Basecamp. Features include projects, todo lists, tasks, milestones, files, timetracking, internal messages, and an AJAX based instant messenger combined through an intuitive user interface.

23. PhpCollab is a groupware module that allows users to manage Web projects with team collaboration, users, task and project tracking, file approval tracking, project sites client access, and customer relationships.

24. PHProjekt is a groupware suite which supports communication and management of teams and companies via an Intranet and the Internet. It consists of multiple components, including a group calendar with resource booking, a time card system, project management, a request tracker, a mutual filesystem, a contact manager, a mail client, a forum, chat, notes, shared bookmarks, todo lists, a voting system, and reminders. An API allows the integration of several available addons (e.g. Web shop, WAP suite, sync tools) or own applications. It is available for MySQL, Postgres, Interbase, Oracle, Informix, MS-SQL, and 28 languages.

25. Projectfork is a Project Management Solution for Joomla! which enables you to share your Projects and Ideas online with other Users! You can use Projectfork for your company as a private intranet solution or as a service like basecamp or Gforge. 

26. Faces is a powerful and free project management tool. faces stands for flexible, automated, calculating, extendible, simulating. It is based on python, an easy to learn and powerful programming language. 

27.  phpaga is a web-based project/task/invoice/quotation tracking solution, providing an efficient, centralized manner to keep on top of your day-to-day jobs and activities. Its features include: printing invoices, quotations and task lists to PDF, productivity statistics per project or per person, and financial overview.


 Los descartados rápidamente. Los sacrificados en primera vuelta

 Lang  VerUltima

 Lic webResultado 
 Endeavour  Java --- ---
 SI Lenguaje
 Cooper-2008  PHP --- --- Com SI Comercial
 Complex Project Manager  Java --- ---
 No Lenguaje
 Project Foundry  Java --- ---
 No Lenguaje
 Cyberience PM PHP 3.0  2009 GPL ---
 Open Prj Services (OPS)  Java 0.1b --- ---
 Onepoint Project  Java ---
 Projectory Perl 1.0 2003GPL
  Factory Nova  PHP --- ---
 Com ---
  Kiwi Manager  PHP ---
 Com ---
 Gantt Project
 Java ---
 No Lenguaje
 ---  --- 
 Com --- 
 TaskJuggler  --- 
 2.4.1 2008
 GPL No No Web
 Teamwork  ---  3.2.8 2008  Com  N/A Comercial
 Planner /TouxDoux  C 0.14.2  2006
 GPL No No Web
 Phyton 0.11.7
 No No Web
 0.4 ---
 ]project-open[  Tcl ---
 Netoffice   PHP 0.8 --- GPL Si Abandonado


Los que merecieron estudio mas detallado

Pero AUN no los instalo, o uso screnshots o el demo-site para ver sus características. Sacrificados en segunda vuelta.

Tabla de evaluacion -->

2. OPT (Outreach Project Tool) : Interesante herramienta. Tiene varias caracteristicas muy utiles como el archivo de correos de un proyecto.Tiene una buena jeraquizacion de usuarios, un newletter integrado, los informes de tiempos. La aparencia no me mata, luce algo primitivo y lo descarto por falta de dependencias y jerarquización entre tareas y/o milestones.

8.  XPMT eXtreme Project Management Tool : NO se como llego tan lejos en la clasificacion. Esta mas orientada a desarrollo.

12.  Achievo : Se define como un web-based resource management. Muy interesante el reporte semanal de usuario. Veo muchos usuarios y reportes, pero no se concreta en el aplicativo. Tiene tambien caracteristicas de CRM, pero no me impresiona.

15.  Streber : Hijo original del netoffice, aunque se independiza de el muy temprano; esta bastante bien, muy orientado a wiki, pero carece de dos cosas fundamentales: un calendario y un diagrama de Gantt. Tiene una buena bitacora de proyecto, pero tampoco presenta dependencias entre tareas aunque si milestones.

18.  phpEasyProject : NO provee un demo site. Suena bastante interesante, pero su ultima version fue publicada hace mas de un año. No veo gantts por ningun lado.

19. TUTOS: Se anuncia mas como groupware. No me gustan los colores ni la diagramacion. Tambien de origen Aleman. Esta muy orientado  a proyectos de software y seguimiento de bugs. No esta del todo mal.

20. DotProject: Definitivamente es el proyecto mas grande de todos y el mas evolucionado con mas gente contribuyendo. Lo que realmente me incomoda es la apariencia, es extremadamente primitiva, pero hay muchos temas disponibles como contribucion de la comunidad.

21. ClockingIT : Es uno de mis candidatos mas fuertes, por su apariencia, su funcionalidad, su diseño. 

23. PhpCollab : Luce tambien como una comunidad muy activa, estan iniciando el proceso para lanzamiento de la versión 3.0. Interesante pero no sobresaliente, no tiene Gantt.

22.  Collabtive : Su interfaz es muy atractiva, pero hay muchas caracteristicas que no lo hacen apto para proyectos grandes. NO veo jerarquias de tareas, aunque usa listados de tareas, varias por proyectos, simulando subproyectos. Muy interesante.

24. PHProjekt : Algo alemanizado, su apariencia, aunque practica no es de mi  gusto particular, inclusive se puede llamar "de avanzada". Se presenta como un groupware, se mueve bastante y estan lanzando su version 6.0 y tuve algunos errores en javascript corriendo Opera. Merece ser visto a mayor profundidad.

25. Projectfork : Módulo de Joomla y pues permite acceso a los multiples facilidades del CMS. Luce bastante bien, no hay gantts, ni dependencias aunque si milestones. Bonito pero se requiere algo mas "enterprise".


Estoy con Dotproject, ClockingIT y Phpprojekt. Vamos a realizar una evaluacion de la herramienta instalandola y haciendo lo siguiente:


20. DotProject: Instalación bastante facil y transparente. La puesta en funcionamiento ya empieza a ser un poco dificil, pero como todo, una vez se entiende como opera es bastante facil. Tiene todas las características que busca el departamento tecnico: dependencias moviles, plantillas y tiempos y costos reales y estimados. Lo único que no encontramos fueron diferentes tipos de dependencias: final-final, inicio inicio, solo estan inicio-final, pero no es considerado crítico. 

 21. ClockingIT : Mis esperanzas no estuvieron retribuidas lastimosamente. Instalarlo es un dolor de cabeza: no lo logre por mas que instale o al menos intente todas poner todas las dependencias. Termine inscribiendome en la pagina y trabajando sobre la instalación que ofrecen. Bonito, es muy bonito nada que hacer, pero hasta ahi, no veo % de tarea completada, o esta hecha o no esta hecha; el gantt no muestra nada, .. en fin, buen trabajo pero aun falta mucho para ser de buen nivel. 

24. PHProjekt : Lo descargue, pero no logre hacerlo funcionar. Siento que la version 6 aun no es usable, aunque prometedora....  PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Zend_Session_Exception' with message 'session has already been started by or session_start()'


Me causa gracia y es un buen ejercicio para el orgullo, el reconocer que alguien me lo habia dicho. Me tomo casi 20 horas de trabajo escribir este artículo para llegar a la misma conclusión que alguien ya me habia recomendado. Nuestro  elegido, definitivamente es  DotProject y no es un amor a primera vista. NO me gusta su apariencia, quiza voy a trabajar en un tema bonito, pero su usabilidad es insuperable por nada libre.