Almacen de Recetas (Final)

Estoy antojado de cocinar y quiero un programa que me permita almacenar mis recetas y buscarlas segun lo que tenga en la nevera.

Que quiero conseguir

  • Web preferiblemente (o que permita trabajo colaborativo y tener niveles de acceso)
  • Indexado por ingredientes, paises de origen, fechas, autor, lugar de publicacion
  • Que incluya fotos.
  • Base de datos simple y directa
  • Multilenguaje


Buscando en multiples sitios de software libre hemo encontrado los siguientes proyectos. Hemos descartados muchos por diversas razones (arbitrarias por supuesto): viejos, muy crudos, hechos en java, software forges, aun asi la lista es MUY larga y procuramos no perder el tiempo con ellos.

1. Anymeal : is a cookbook database front-end. It can handle more than 100,000 recipes, and can search recipes for a given set of ingredients. It is designed to be lean and flexible.

2. Krecipes : is a highly configurable recipe manager, designed to make organizing your personal recipe collection fast and easy. Features include shopping lists, nutrient analysis, advanced searching, recipe ratings, the ability to import and export various formats, and more.
3. Recipe Indexer : is a program designed for the cook who has a large number of cookbooks but a lousy memory. Instead of retyping each recipe into the system, this app will help index existing recipes for easy location and cross-referencing.
4. Gourmet Recipe Manager : is a simple but powerful recipe managing application that is intended for the GNOME desktop environment, but should work on any platform that Gtk supports. It allows you to collect, search, and organize your recipes, and to automatically generate shopping lists from your collection. It aims to make it easy to enter and organize your recipes with an intuitive interface.
5. SmellyFish : is a small PHP application that allows you to manage collections of recipes. It connects to a MySQL database. Adding recipes is easy: you enter one ingredient per line, then describe the steps. A photo can be attached to each recipe. Users can rate and comment recipes. A search engine allows you to find recipes based on title and ingredients. Administrators can create user groups to allow editing. It generates RSS feeds for each category and for user favorites.
6. Rec : is a small app written in Perl to keep track of recipes.
7. Mama Meera's Cookbook: is an easy-to-use recipe management program. It has a Cover Flow style view for browsing through recipes. Recipes are put into different cuisines, all configurable by the user.
8. Koch-Suite:  helps you to manage your recipes. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL/PostgreSQL.
9. CrisoftRicette: is a simple PHP application to build your personal archive of cooking recipes in a MySQL database. The interface has international support.
10. phpMyRecipes : is a simple Web-based application for storing and retrieving recipes. It implements security to allow recipes to be searched and viewed by anyone, but all functions involving changes require additional privileges to be granted by the administrator. Recipes are categorized, and new categories are easy to create. Ingredients are added to the database on-the-fly as they are used in recipes. Unit types (such as "cup" or "teaspoon") are also stored in the database, and unit "plurals" are also handled correctly. A robust search feature that supports a wide range of criteria, including words found (or not found) in the instructions, the recipe name, category, and ingredients list is included.
11. JunkyCook : is a manager for recipes (consultation and composition), courses, menus, etc. It calculates nutrients and calories in a course/menu/recipe/ingredient.
12. LargoRecipes : is an application for managing recipes. It does sophisticated ingredient parsing, handles RecipeML and MealMaster file formats, and generates recipe Web pages. Future plans include integration with an XML database.
13. ReciPants : is a Web-based recipe manager that supports Postgres, MySQL, and Oracle databases. It features searching, categories, exporting, scaling, emailing recipes, password reminders, secure user cookies, internationalization, and fully customizable templated output.
14. PHPRecipeBook : is a Web-based cookbook with the ability to create shopping lists from recipes selected. The lists can be saved and later reloaded and edited. The shopping list also attempts to combine similar items so that duplication does not occur.
15. Weight Loss Recipe Book :  is an instant collaborative recipe book. The program is geared towards health related Web sites, and has everything you need to get started, including complete administrative control, a validated submission form, the ability to approve recipes before they are added into the database, submission verification, dynamic display pages, and more. 


 Ver Ultima
 Lic  Compat Export Docs  Photos


 BD Lang Result
 Anymeal   En  0.3a  02/08   GPL    Mealmaster  HTML,PDF  10     Si


 C++  8 horas y no la compile
 Krecipes   Interfaz  2.0a4  10/09    GPL   KSN KSN   7    Si  SQLite
 Recipe Indexer
 Si   0.59  07/02  GPL  ---  ---  ---    Si  Java  Java  Lang
 Gourmet Recipe Manager  Interfaz
 En, Es
 0.15.3  12/09  GPL


 Gourmet, RTF, PDF  ---  Si  Si  Sqlite


 SmellyFish  Fr  0.1.5  10/08  GPL  ---   ---  ---  Si  No  MySQL  PHP  No Ingr.
 Rec  En  2.0.2  09/04  BSD  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  File  Perl/TK  Viejo
 Mama Meera's Cookbook  En  ---  ---  GPL  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  Obj-C  No lo encontre
 Koch-Suite  Interfaz  0.8b2  12/04  GPL  Rezconv
 ---  ---  ---  MySQL
 PHP  viejo
   2.0  02/08  GPL  ---  XML  ---  ---  ---  MySQL  PHP  No lo encontre
 phpMyRecipes    1.2  12/06  GPL  ---  ---  ---  Si   Si  MySQL  PHP  
 JunkyCook    0.8.2  12/04  GPL  ---  ---  0  ---  ---  ---  Java  Lang
 LargoRecipes  Interfaz  0.9.2  01/04  GPL


 8        Java
 ReciPants  En  1.2  04/04  GPL  ---  MealMaster
 ---  ---  ---  MySQL
 PSQL Oracle
 Perl  viejo
 PHPRecipeBook  ---  2.4.1  10/09  GPL  MealMaster  MealMaster  ---  ---  ---  MySQL
 Weight Loss Recipe Book  En  ---  04/06  Freew  ---  ---  0  ---  ---  MySQL  PHP  El demo fall


Krecipes:  Maduro, bien desarrollado,carga unos ejemplos de arranque y las libreriasde ingredientes y valores caloricos y contenidos de minerales y vitaminas. Su eleccion para un aplicativo de escritorio.

Gourmet Recipe Manager: No tan manduro como krecipes pero tiene caracteristicas muy prometedora. La principal su capacidad de importar/exportar inclusive de paginas web.

phpMyRecipes: La estructura es excelente, aunque la interfaz es muy primitiva y por esto no es mi favorito. Es una buena base para iniciar un desarrollo web de recetas.

PHPRecipeBook: Definitivamente maduro. Muy versatil, buen diseno de la base de datos y la interfaz, aun cuando no es la mas impresionante es practica y clara. Tiene planificador de comidas, lista de compras y  graficos para las recetas. Su eleccion si lo que quiere es un aplicativo web.


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